Microsoft Attacking Google With Scroogled Campaign

So, some of you may have seen Microsoft’s video on YouTube attacking Google.

I don’t like Google or Microsoft and persionally I find this whole thing disgusting. In these videos on YouTube (of all services for Microsoft to post and attack video about Google, it was YouTube) Microsoft goes on about how Google spies on your emails, and gives app developers information about horrible things like your age and your home town.

One of the ads are posted below. It portrays Google spying on your mail so it can place an advert around it. It then shows Microsoft (Outlook) doing the polar opposite.

This is pathetic. is a page that is obviously owned by Microsoft (It says so in the footer but the tacky metro theme is apparent from the start).

I don’t like Microsoft or Google. I don’t like Google because they do spy on you, even if it is automated. I don’t like Microsoft because I’m sure they do the same.

Microsoft makes money by selling an overly priced operating system that hardly ever works correctly.

Google makes money by giving people a free service they can use but showing people ads. When someone clicks on an ad Google makes money. So obviously Google would want to show the most relevant ads to people. It means people are more likely to click (this makes Google happy), and people are more likely to be interested in something that is targeted for what they are writing about (this makes the people that are paying Google to show their ad happy).

Now, If you are like me and don’t like Microsoft or Google, there is good news!

With these services and programs you can log out of Google and shut down Windows for good. For a search engine Duck Duck Go is completely anonymous (and unaffected by Heartbleed).

I haven’t found a good email service yet, I use my hosting for email.

For an operating system you have many options. Ubuntu is what I use on my computer and I love it. Kubuntu is the same as Ubuntu but using a KDE desktop environment, for people that like the integration of Mac OSX you might like Kubuntu. I myself am actually thinking about using Kubuntu on my laptop. If your computer is not very powerful, would run Windows XP but not 7 then you will want Lubuntu. Lubuntu is a light version of Ubuntu perfect for low power computers. Finally there is Elementary OS, this OS looks similar to Mac OSX. It is simple elegant and does what it should.

All of these systems are Linux, Ubuntu is based of a system called Debian, Debian is based of Linux. Kubuntu, Lubuntu and Elementary are all based off Ubuntu. So they all work similarly.

Its up to you to decide what would work best for you.

Personal note: I was rather angry at my findings about what Microsoft has been up to, but now after remembering Linux and recommending some distributions, all that went away!

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